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Steve Spurrier Blasted Defensive Lineman Dexter Wideman For Skipping Class During A Media Session

Spurrier has a nice Saturday planned, which includes a Kenny Chesney concert tonight, but he's not thrilled with everything going on with the South Carolina football program right now. During a media session today, Spurrier put defensive lineman Dexter Wideman on blast for missing class, telling reporters to ask him about it if they speak to him.

">March 28, 2015

This is not the first time this issue with Wideman has come up this spring:

“Dexter Wideman missed (practice) today, and he’s going to miss again tomorrow because he did miss class this time,” said Spurrier, South Carolina’s head coach. “If he misses another one, he’s not going to suit up the first game (in the fall)."


“Dexter needs to get his tail in class,” Spurrier said. “He’s got no excuses this time. I just wanted to get that clear.”

Wideman is expected to make an immediate impact on the defensive front for the Gamecocks, but won't if he doesn't earn his way on to the practice field. We have to think Spurrier's approach will get through to the young pass rusher.