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There Is An Impostor Telling People He's Connor Mitch At South Carolina

Connor Mitch receives a text from a local bar that he was not at the night before.

Connor Mitch Impostor

Being the starting quarterback at a major college football school definitely gets you some perks on campus. Apparently, you won't be the only one who tries to take advantage of them.

Connor Mitch, who was named South Carolina's starting signal-caller earlier this week, tweeted out a conversation he had with the marketing director for The Horseshoe Bar in Columbia. According to the employee, someone tried to pose as Mitch, telling both staff members and girls that he was the Gamecocks star.

">August 27, 2015

If you're wondering, Mitch is 21 years old - so he would legally have been allowed to be in the bar, if it was actually him.

">August 26, 2015

Let's hope none of the girls fell for it.