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Video: Steve Spurrier Discusses Jadeveon Clowney's Junior Season, Draft Stock: "He Had Nowhere To Go But Down"

Steve Spurrier is always a good interview, and today he hopped on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss, first and foremost, his South Carolina product Jadeveon Clowney, and where he may go in the draft. Spurrier made the case for Clowney going first overall to Houston, saying that without a top quarterback prospect like Andrew Luck in the draft, Clowney is easily the safest pick in the top slot. 

Spurrier also addresses the many questions about Clowney, including Merrill Hoge's assertion that the defensive end is an "atrocious" football player. Spurrier acknowledged the fact that Clowney really didn't need to play this season to be a top pick, and how that may have affected his handling of injuries. He goes on to say that because of how much hype Clowney earned after the 2012 season, his draft stock really could not go higher than it already was.

Patrick and Spurrier go on to discuss Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, and Spurrier's golf game. The whole interview is as entertaining, and worth a watch.