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Video: What Is A Gamecock? South Carolina Football Explains

Have you ever wondered: What is a Gamecock?

South Carolina football is here to explain. As part of a series of promotional videos for the 2014 season, South Carolina released a video today, detailing what it means to be a Gamecock. 

Per the video, this is what a Gamecock is:

"A Gamecock is a living, breathing, relentless, fighting spirit. The kind that says, 'You want a piece of me?' Well, you're going to have one heck of a fight on your hands. And it's not just with me, but me, and all 80,000 of my brothers and sisters. Because here, we're a family. We have each other's back. And never, under any circumstances, do we back down. Because here, it's one thing to win, but it's even better when you can win together. Here, it's forever to the. Here, it's great to be a Gamecock."