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Vine: ESPN's Michele Steele Asks Steve Spurrier About Late Fourth Down Call, Spurrier Gives A Hilarious Response

Few people in college football have the giant personalities and the quick wit of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier. That was on display on Saturday night after the Gamecocks took down Georgia, 38-35. ESPN's Michele Steele asked Spurrier about a late fourth down and one call to run the ball which, if unsuccessful, would have given the Bulldogs the ball at midfield. Spurrier's response was classic Spurrier:

Most coaches would say something about trusting their players or wanting the put the game away, but Spurrier just made a silly face and said, "you kiddin'?" Stuff like this is what makes Spurrier so funny: he can find a way to succinctly make a point by saying something short and hilarious.

While you may have expected Steele to be upset with how this interview played out, she actually poked fun at the situation on her Twitter after the game.

">September 14, 2014

Ideally the hashtag #spurrierfacefortheages becomes widely used sometime in the future, but for now, we hope that Spurrier never changes and that he keeps being one of the most entertaining coaches in all of sports.