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Vine: Texas A&M Continues To Have Fun At South Carolina's Expense, Plays Sandstorm At Practice

Texas A&M is fast, athletic, and brash, and they certainly aren't afraid to rub other programs the wrong way. Last Thursday, the Aggies travelled to South Carolina, and came out with a huge 52-28 upset win. Apparently, they enjoyed the atmosphere at Williams-Brice Stadium, and have decided to make a famous part of it their own. Texas A&M Football's Vine account posted a clip earlier, where the team danced around to "Sandstorm," the song that has become a huge part of gameday at South Carolina. 

A&M is apparently calling it "Sandstorm Thursday." Ouch.

We sure hope this becomes a Texas A&M tradition. If the Aggies beat Mississippi State and Auburn on the road, and don't spend the following weeks playing cowbells and rolling trees with toilet paper, we'll be a bit disappointed.