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Will Muschamp Addresses Viral F-Bomb Video That Leaked

A leaked promo featuring South Carolina football coach Will Muschamp dropping a huge f-bomb.


Hours ahead of South Carolina football's season opener against Tennessee, a video of Will Muschamp jokingly dropping an F-Bomb while shooting an in-stadium promo leaked on Twitter. The Gamecocks head coach responded today.

In the video, which was posted by Twitter account


— Cocksby90 (@cocks_by_90) September 26, 2020

">@cocks_by_90, Muschamp urges fans to get on their feet, in very on-field Muschamp fashion. “It’s time for Carolina football,” Muschamp says. “So get the F*** out of your seats. Spurs Up!” As many suspected, the video was shot while Muschamp was being filmed for videos played inside Williams-Brice Stadium on gameday. Obviously, he had some fun on one take. The school responded Saturday, saying it doesn't know how the video leaked, and confirming that it wasn't meant to be made public at any point. The video was reportedly recorded two years ago. A different take from that shoot is used for when the team runs out onto the field during home games.

Muschamp was asked about the video today. He apologized to anyone offended by it, and was clearly annoyed by the question even being asked, going so far as to call Phil Kornblut of SportsTalkSC, the reporter who asked the question, "Tiger Phil."

"Why would I know you'd ask that, huh? It was an outtake between me and Justin King," Muschamp snapped. "It was between me and another guy, and why in the hell would I know you would ask this question?" When told he said after the loss to Tennessee that he'd address it during the week because he wasn't in the mood Saturday, Muschamp said he's "still not in the mood, but I appreciate you bringing it up." "Again, I apologize if I offended anybody. It was between two people and somebody obviously thought they'd be cute and put it out there, so that Phil Kornblut could ask a question. Tiger Phil strikes again." Muschamp says that he doesn't know who put the video out, but he "looks forward to finding out." After losing Saturday in pretty horrid fashion, with a brutal special teams blunder costing South Carolina football the chance to tie the game with one last drive, it isn't a surprise that Will Muschamp is being pretty contentious this week. Gamecock fans seem to be more annoyed with the coach today, lashing out after yet another bad loss, than they were about an F-bomb a video that was clearly not supposed to get out. [

Will Muschamp's full response to being asked about the video surfacing of him using a F-bomb.

— Collyn Taylor (@collyntaylor) September 29, 2020

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