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Tennessee QB Vandalizes Cars, But No Charges Will Be Filed

Moving right along...

Tennessee standout Tyler Bray made a very poor decision, but followed it up with a very good decision.

On Monday, BigLeadSports reported that Bray was accused of drunkenly throwing beer bottles off of his balcony, one of which hit a neighbor's vehicle and smashed the windshield. The neighbor believed that Bray may have targeted her for calling the police on him earlier in the week (for another beer bottle incident apparently) and she reported the incident.

However, Bray decided to take ownership of the mistake, apologized to his neighbor, and offered to fully pay for the damages himself. As a result, she will not file charges, as noted by ESPN.

It is good to see a person who made a foolish decision actually own up to it, and he received a nice break from his neighbor as a result.

Not exactly as positive as traditional Volunteer work, but a decent resolution nonetheless.