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Alabama Assistant Lane Kiffin Trolled Tennessee On Twitter Again

Current Alabama offensive coordinator and former Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin is in the state of Tennessee today, so of course, he's making sure that Vols fans on social media know he's in the state of Tennessee today. Tuesday, Kiffin, who is likely in Knoxville, tweeted a photo of a Tennessee license plate.

Of course, he was hit with some nasty replies. Kiffin, if you remember, coached Tennessee for one season before bolting for the USC job.

">July 5, 2016


— FitFiftysomething (@chiutfan)

— LET VOLS COACH VOLS (@chiutfan) July 5, 2016

">July 5, 2016

">@Lane_Kiffin hope you snapped that pic right before it backed over you

— Logan (@loganwtaylor) July 5, 2016

Kiffin runs one of the weirder Twitter accounts in college football. At least he keeps it interesting.