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VFL Coordinator Antone Davis Accuses Butch Jones Of 'Constant Intimidation, Bullying, Mental Abuse'

Another day, and another bad story has come to light for embattled Tennessee football coach Butch Jones.

On Tuesday, former Tennessee star Antone Davis resigned from his role as 'Vol For Life Coordinator,' a move that will be effective November 15, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The decision to leave the post was not exactly amicable.

A blog post by Sports Radio WNML's Jimmy Hyams outlines accusations of "constant intimidation, bullying, and mental abuse" by Jones against Davis, and he fears that the same treatment is happening with other members of the program.

Davis told Currie that “I had always dreamed of coming back and being able to contribute to the continued success of the athletic program.’’

Davis said that working under Jones “has been one of the worst work experiences I have ever had.’’

Asked for comment, Jones issued this statement through football sports information director Zach Stipe: “I wish Antone Davis well and thank him for his work as Tennessee’s Vol For Life Coordinator.’’

More, from Davis's emails to UT athletic director John Currie.

In another email Davis sent to Currie, Davis said he mentioned concerns to Currie as far back as Sept. 22 without Currie taking any action.

“I want you to know that I am not leaving Tennessee because I want to,’’ Davis wrote in the email. “I am leaving because I must. My biggest regret and fear is that I am leaving behind student-athletes and co-workers that may be subjected to the same treatment I have received.’’

Davis also wrote: “In closing, I deeply regret that things have been allowed to transpire, causing a high level of anxiety and other health issues thus creating my need to resign.’’

Jones's Vols teams have struggled on the field, and now he faces these issues, as well as the story that his staff allegedly played a starting offensive lineman for two quarters while being aware that he had a concussion. Jones is no stranger to serious controversy at Tennessee, and his firing seems completely inevitable.

Davis was an All-American offensive lineman at Tennessee, and the No. 8 pick in the 1991 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. He played in the NFL from 1991-1999.

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