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Butch Jones Claims Alabama vs. Tennessee Is SEC's Best Rivalry

The SEC has a number of storied rivalries - many of which are among the best in the country. The Iron Bowl - aka Alabama vs. Auburn - is probably the most well-known of the bunch. But there's also Florida vs. Georgia, Georgia vs. Auburn and more recently, LSU vs. Alabama. But Tennessee head coach Butch Jones thinks that his team, the Volunteers, are involved the best the league has to offer - Tennessee vs. Alabama.

Jones went on 105.1 the Zone yesterday and staked claim for his school:

"Absolutely, because it’s part of our football program and the great tradition we have here. I think the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry is one of the best rivalries in the country. I think it’s the best rivalry in the Southeastern Conference. To be able to maintain that rivalry is something that we are very excited about."

Whether or not you believe that Jones is correct, the irony here is that the rivalry hasn't been all that competitive on the field for quite some time. Alabama has won eight of the past nine matchups, but before that, Tennessee had won nine of ten. It's actually a series that'd been more defined by streaks than back-and-forth competition. Regardless, UT fans are clearly hoping the Vols can step it up and make it more interesting in the near future - it's already been decided that the two will play every year moving forward.