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Butch Jones Embraces Challenge: Tennessee's Schedule "Hardest In The History Of College Football"

Great attitude.

All things considered, Tennessee is having a pretty solid season in 2013. It's the first year of the Butch Jones era, and the Volunteers entered the season on a three-year streak of sub-.500 records. Tennessee is currently 4-4 (and sports a win over a South Carolina team that was No. 11 at the time), which isn't terrible when you consider the absolutely brutal schedule the team has played.

In fact, Jones talked this evening a bit about how he embraces the challenge of a tough schedule, but he thinks that his team may be facing one of the hardest of all time:

While the Vols have faced a couple of cupcakes, Butch has a point -- Tennessee has also played a bunch of really, really difficult games. It's good to see that Jones and his team aren't backing down to the schedule -- many others would whine and complain that a slate that loaded is unfair and far too much for any team to handle. Tennessee fans have to be pleased with the progress that the Vols are showing, and should be really excited about the future under Butch Jones -- it's clear he has embraced the challenge in front of him.