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Butch Jones And Josh Dobbs After Beating Florida: "That Duck Is Pulling That Truck"

Butch Jones giving a post game interview.


"That Duck is pulling that truck." After Tennessee's streak-snapping win over Florida, Butch Jones and the Vols may have a new catchphrase, thanks to Quincy Wilson's game-week smack talk.

On Tuesday, Florida defensive back Quincy Wilson guaranteed a 12th straight win over Tennessee, with the quizzical question "have you ever seen a duck pull a truck?"

“We have a message from DBU to Tennessee,” Wilson said. “Have you ever seen a duck pull a truck? Ducks don’t pull trucks. Nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, simple as that.”

The phrase caught on this week, to the point that even Oregon's mascot decided to weigh in.

Today, Tennessee snapped the streak, and yes, the Vols let everyone know that the duck was seen pulling the truck. Both Butch Jones and Josh Dobbs made reference to Wilson's question during their on-field interviews after the huge win.

And that is how a ridiculous catchphrase was born. We expect that the Vols will adopt the "duck pulling the truck" for the rest of the year, as they well should. Nothing galvanizes a team like a ridiculous rallying cry. If mallards are involved, all the better.