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ESPN Reportedly Told Its Employees Not To Discuss The Peyton Manning Daily News Story

Peyton Manning makes an interesting face during interview.

Peyton Manning

Update: ESPN briefly discussed the story on SportsCenter Sunday morning. 

Earlier: The New York Daily News published an expose on Saturday titled, "Peyton Manning’s squeaky-clean image was built on lies." 

The story, using court documents from 2003 that were recently obtained by Shaun King, goes in-depth on the Super Bowl-winning quarterback's alleged involvement in a sexual assault during his time at Tennessee. Parts of the story have been out for years, but the Daily News' report includes number of new details. 

Pretty much every media outlet published some type of content on the report, except one: ESPN. 

Per Dennis and Callahan of Boston sports radio, the network told its employees not to report or discuss the Daily News' report. 

Is this because ESPN didn't find the report to be credible (or relevant/timely/etc.)? Or did the World Wide Leader have other motives in not discussing the story?