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Here Are Tennessee's Latest NCAA Tournament Projections

Are the Tennessee Volunteers going to make the 2017 NCAA Tournament?

Yesterday's 90-70 rout of Missouri moved Tennessee to 15-12 on the season with four games remaining. The Volunteers are currently on the proverbial bubble.

So, let’s take a look at the current NCAA projections for Tennessee. Using the four most popular “Bracketologists” (CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports, USA TODAY), we’ve compiled just how strong the team’s postseason chances are:

  • CBS Sports (Updated 2/18) – Not in the field of 68.
  • ESPN (Updated 2/16) – One of the "First Four Out."
  • Fox Sports (Updated 2/17) – One of the "First Four Out."
  • USA TODAY (Updated 2/17) – One of "Last Four In." Playing Clemson in a play-in game.

What do you think, UT fans?

Remember, these predictions change almost daily. But for now, the Vols still have some work to do to make the Big Dance.