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Former Tennessee QB Jonathan Crompton On Alma Mater: "I Developed A Genuine Dislike For That Place"

Jonathan Crompton has complicated feelings about his alma mater Tennessee after some of the things his family experienced during games in Knoxville.

The former Vols quarterback was profiled in the Times Free Press and had some pretty enlightening things to say about his relationship with the school. Crompton had an up-and-down career for Tennessee, and his family had some awful experiences at games. Notably, one fan once told his mother that he "hoped that Jonathan and the entire family would die in a car crash."

After experiences like that, Crompton says that he developed some legitimate animosity for the school, though he realizes that it is based on the actions of a small group of Tennessee fans.

Still, he has only been back to Knoxville for games twice since his graduation in 2009.

"I've only been back to Tennessee twice for games since I left," Crompton said. "'Animosity' is probably the best word for how I felt for a long time. I know it wasn't the majority of the fans, but there were enough examples that it really left a bad taste in my mouth. And I don't want to have that bad taste toward my alma mater anymore. I really don't.

"I could take it if they would just say things to me, but because they would yell things at my family, I developed a genuine dislike for that place. I'm not sure how to fix that, but there are so many people still there that I love and respect and would love to see.

"I still believe Tennessee has the number-one fan base in the country. It's just hard to forget some of the things that happened to me and my family while I was there."

Crompton, who played for four NFL teams between 2010-12 and most recently played in the CFL, says he hopes to move past these feelings and return to Tennessee. Former players, especially quarterbacks who wound up leaving the school on pretty high notes like Crompton's 2009 season, are usually beloved figures on campus. Hopefully he finds that in his future trips to Knoxville.

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