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Jordan McRae Heating Up For Tennessee Basketball

Jordan McRae scored a career high 34 points and led the Vols to their fourth straight win.

Junior guard Jordan McRae scored 34 points in Tennessee’s win against LSU Tuesday night, the highest he’s scored in his college career.

McRae also went 6-of-6 from 3-point range as the Vols defeated LSU 82-72. Along with his career high 34 points, McRae also led the Volunteers with three steals.

The crowd erupted for McRae and the rest of the Vols throughout the game, especially when McRae made a series of dominating plays over LSU.

The highlight of the night was definitely the monster dunk McRae had after a pass from Junior guard Trae Golden. Check out the dunk on YouTube via The SEC Digital Network:

McRae reminded the media after the game that he’s just like any other college student. When a reporter standing next to me asked him if he was going to stay up to see if his dunk made SportCenter’s Top 10, McRae responded, “Nah, I’ve got a lab test tomorrow.”

McRae and the Volunteers play at Texas A&M Saturday Feb. 23rd at 4 p.m.