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Tennessee WR Josh Smith Arrested For Domestic Assault After Fight With Roommate

Josh Smith, a Tennessee senior wide receiver, was arrested early this morning on domestic assault charges after an alleged fight with his roommate.

According to WATE, the fight began after a night of drinking at Smith's apartment.

It happened during the early hours of Saturday morning. Smith and his roommate, Kennedy Foster, were drinking together when they got into a fight.

Foster sustained injuries to his face, but stated that he could not remember how many time he was hit.

The fight started when Foster locked himself in his bedroom. Smith said he became concerned for his well being and broke down the door. When he entered the room, Smith told police Foster “looked at him as if he was an intruder,” then the fight broke out.

Smith is currently being held on $2,000 bond after the incident. According to local radio host Jimmy Hyams, Smith's attorney does not believe his client will be found guilty.

Smith and Foster are reportedly long-time friends, so hopefully this was a one-time incident that they can both move past.


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