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Lane Kiffin Was Rooting For Tennessee Against Georgia Tech Last Night

Tennessee fans really, really don't like Lane Kiffin, and he's gone out of his way to troll the Vols since leaving the team after one season.

If you believe him on Twitter, however, he was rooting for Tennessee on Monday.

Kiffin was invited to watch his former team play by a fan at a local Boca Raton Tilted Kilt on Twitter.

While it doesn't appear that he showed up to watch the game, he did throw his public support behind the team he jilted back in 2009.

As the Vols defense struggled with Georgia Tech's option attack, Kiffin, whose FAU Owls fell to fellow option team Navy on Saturday 42-19, tweeted his sympathies.

Georgia Tech amassed a ridiculous 655 total yards, outgaining Tennessee by 286 on the night, but the Vols pulled out a dramatic 42-41 win in overtime. Kiffin did not tweet about the outcome. The game ended quite late, so maybe he fell asleep.