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Lane Kiffin Reportedly Trash-Talked Tennessee’s Derek Barnett To A Vols Fan

Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin loves trolling Tennessee, his former employer. This is a well-known fact.

Usually, when Lane Kiffin trolls Tennessee, he targets the program as a whole. However, today he reportedly went after one player in particular, Vols defensive end Derek Barnett.

Barnett, a junior pass rusher, leads Tennessee with five sacks. However, Kiffin thinks he skirts the rules to get to the quarterback. According to a couple of Alabama beat reporters, a UT fan told Kiffin that Barnett was going to get after 'Bama's QB. Kiffin responded by saying Barnett "jumps offsides" every play.

Those are fighting words for Kiffin. Interestingly, if you search "Derek Barnett offsides" on Twitter, it seems like the Tennessee star does incur his fair share of offsides penalties.

We're less than an hour away from Tennessee-Alabama. This one should be fun.