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New Version Of Tennessee's 'Smokey Gray' Uniforms Hits Stores, Fans, Disgusted, Are Worried They're Real

In 2013, Tennessee unveiled a new "Smokey Gray" uniform that veered away from the Volunteers' traditional orange and white color combination. Fan reaction was mixed, despite the people who matter most - the players - showing their approval. The school lost both contests - against Georgia and Vanderbilt - when wearing the threads.

Monday, a new version of the same concept started showing up in stores. There's been no official word from either Tennessee or adidas on why another version exists, but many have speculated that it could be the 2014 "Smokey Gray" alternates. Take one look at a Vols fan message board and you'll soon see that people are terrified that they could be real.

">September 9, 2014

">September 6, 2014

Again, there is no official word here, so it's entirely possible that they've just been made for fans and aren't being considered for an actual game. Why? That's the question.

Here's what last year's alternates looked like, for comparison.

">@Vol_Football will wear this season.

— adidas (@adidasUS)

OFFICIAL LOOK: New alternate #TECHFIT uniforms @Vol_Football will wear this season.

— adidas (@adidasUS) August 15, 2013

">August 15, 2013

Tennessee supporters - are they as bad as your fan base is making them out to be?