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Paul Finebaum Says Major Head Coach Is A 'PR Nightmare'

Paul Finebaum explains why Clemson will lose on First Take. He believes Big Ten football teams will compete for the College Football Playoff in 2017.


ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum commented on Jeremy Pruitt's job security at Tennessee following the Volunteers' latest loss.

Tennessee has lost five straight games by double digits following Saturday's loss against Auburn. If Pruitt isn't on the hot seat yet, he could be soon.

Finebaum, a Tennessee grad, spoke about Pruitt during an appearance on WJOX on Monday morning. He did not hold back.

"For all of the things that Jeremy Pruitt has done well at Tennessee and I’ll have to get back to you on what those are, his public relations has been abysmal," Finebaum said Monday, per 247Sports. "That’s from the beginning. I know people at Tennessee that have offered to help him and council him and try to give him opportunities. I’ve been on the set with him before in Knoxville.

"I asked him once just a layup on Phil Fulmer and he couldn’t even answer that correctly. He is still a high-school football coach when it comes to public relations. I know that probably sounds like an insult to the great high-school coaches out there who are communicators. What I mean by that is he just will not communicate in an appropriate way."

Pruitt, 46, is now 15-17 as the Volunteers' head coach. Finebaum says that Pruitt needs to get better both on and off the field.

"He doesn’t understand that the fan base is, or at least until recently, was rooting for him and wants him to succeed," Finebaum said. "His press conferences are usually a disaster as a result going back to the Alabama game, this game, countless other times."