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People Are Falling For This Fake Butch Jones Tweet

Always look for the blue check mark on Twitter.

Yesterday, Tennessee head coach Butch Jones tweeted out a picture of himself and ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden hanging out together. Apparently the pair have known each other a while.

Once upon a time, Gruden called Tennessee "a dream job" but also said Jones was the right man for it. As any college football fan knows by now, a school can't have a coaching search without some people saying Gruden will be a candidate.

Here is the actual photo Jones tweeted, with the real caption.

And now, here is the one from a fake account that has a number of people fooled, including some veteran sports media folks.

Apparently, whoever runs the fake Jones account isn't a big fan of the job he's doing.

Either way people: LOOK FOR THE BLUE CHECK MARK.