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Phil Fulmer Made A Laughable Comment At Press Conference Today

Phil Fulmer coaching Tennessee.

18 Oct 1997: Head coach Phil Fulmer of the Tennessee Volunteers looks on from the sidelines during a game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. Tennessee won the game 42-6.

Tennessee athletic director Phil Fulmer couldn't help but make a laughable comment about recruiting during his press conference on Monday.

It's been quite the turbulent ride for the Volunteers these past few weeks. The football program has undergone an investigation for improper recruiting practices this month.

That investigation ultimately led to the firing of head coach Jeremy Pruitt on Monday. Fulmer, meanwhile, plans to retire but won't be doing so until Tennessee hires a new athletic director. His stepping down reportedly has no ties to the NCAA investigation.

Fulmer met with reporters to hold a press conference and discuss the firing of Pruitt and his future plans on Monday. In doing so, the athletic director made sure to point out that the recruiting has been good.

Yes, we're serious. Take a look.

This perfectly sums up the disarray surrounding the Tennessee football program at the moment, which is a shame.

Tennessee is more than capable of being a prominent national contender. Jeremy Pruitt was thought to be the Volunteers' savior, but he proved to be one of the worst college football hires of the past decade.

Now, Tennessee needs to hire a new athletic director and head coach while somehow trying to maneuver its way through the harsh NCAA punishments coming its way. Yikes.

The Volunteers need to take their time with their next head coaching hire. Given the current circumstances, it'd probably be best to avoid rushing a decision.