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Photo: Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter Visited Tennessee's Neyland Stadium For Movie Shoot

If Tennessee football lives up to expectations this year, we'll see plenty of Neyland Stadium on our televisions. But what about the silver screen? Based on a photo posted to Twitter by Modern Family star Ariel Winter, that is coming as well. Winter is starring in an upcoming film called Dog Years with Hollywood legend (and former Florida State football player) Burt Reynolds, and the two shot a scene at the home of the Vols.

">@arielwinter1 walk into Neyland. It'll be on

SPOILER: got an inside look of a scene where Burt Reynolds & @arielwinter1 walk into Neyland. It'll be on @6News!

— Hailey Holloway (@HaileyHolloway_) June 6, 2016


— Hailey Holloway (@HHollowayNews) June 6, 2016

">June 6, 2016

Here's more on Dog Years from The Tracking Board:

The story revolves around an aging, former movie star who is forced to face the reality that his glory days are far behind him when he’s invited to receive a lifetime achievement award from a tiny East coast film festival. Embarrassed by the low rent event, he bails on the award and forces the emotionally unstable girl assigned to be his driver to take him on a soul searching tour of the landmarks of his youth.

According to WATE, Tennessee football will have a role in the film, and Reynolds was very impressed by the stadium itself.

“This film is loosely based on Burt’s life and of course Burt was a college football player,” said Whitener. “In the film, you can suppose that Tennessee football might have something to do with it.”


“Even he was in awe,” said Whitener. “He’s obviously a big Florida State guy so he’s been in big stadiums, but it was very reminiscent for him because he’s played in some big games. At the heart of him is football. He’s a football guy so this is meaningful for him.”

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