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Photos: Here Are Tennessee's Brand New 2013 Home Football Uniforms


Update: If you're looking for Tennessee's alternate grey uniforms released on 8/15/2013, follow this link.

Earlier: Finally, we are getting a chance to look at a real version of the new Tennessee football uniforms. If you recall, EA Sports appeared to leak the new swag several weeks ago in the new NCAA Football 2014 video game.

There are three new changes expected for 2013 uniforms -- here are the details on them, courtesy of Rocky Top Talk:

1. An outline of the state of Tennessee on the back of both the home and road uniforms, placed just above the player's names

2. A script "TENNESSEE" on the front of the road jersey, above the numerals

3. A faint checkerboard design in the numerals on the road jerseys

Today, we got a chance to look at the new home jerseys for the upcoming season -- while they only have one of the three changes (there's one for the home jersey, three for the road version), they are still pretty cool. Here are photos from Jim Scroggs:

Not bad, not bad at all. Now we can't wait to see the road version.