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Reporter Says Connected Source Tells Him SC Loss "Nail In Coffin" For Butch Jones

Butch Jones' time in Tennessee could be coming to an end.

Tennessee lost against on Saturday - this time at home to South Carolina, a team it had two weeks to prepare for. Many now believe that it's a matter of when - not if - head coach Butch Jones will be fired. One reporter's recent tweet won't do much to change the speculation.

NFL insider Benjamin Allbright says he got a text from a "connected source" that the South Carolina loss was the "nail in the coffin" for Jones. Yikes.

It's not shocking to hear after the way the season has gone.

One thing to keep an eye on - firing Jones would likely be a costly move for Tennessee. According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, if it had fired him back in September, it'd have cost the school $9.2 million in buyout money. Some have pegged it closer to $7 million at the moment. Update: It's actually over $8 million.

Regardless, Tennessee does not appear to be going in the right direction under Jones' leadership this year. It could be an interesting 24 hours.