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South Carolina's Steve Spurrier Doesn't Understand Why Tennessee Likes Playing Alabama, Volunteers Have Lost 7-Straight Contests

If you're a college football fan and you had the opportunity to wiretap a coach so you could hear everything they said, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier would likely be your choice, correct? The Head Ball Coach is seemingly always in the news for saying something controversial. Can you imagine what the 69-year-old is saying when no one is listening? 

Spurrier is in the news again for something that came out of his mouth. The Southeastern Conference's coaches will be voting soon to decide how the conference's schedule should be made--eight or nine games, having or not having a permanent cross-divisional rival, etc.--and Spurrier was asked about that Thursday. 

When speaking about cross-divisional rivals, Spurrier brought up Alabama and Tennessee, who play each other every season despite being in different divisions. The coach doesn't understand why the schools, and specifically Tennessee, enjoy playing one another. 

">April 24, 2014

The rivalry between the Crimson Tide and the Volunteers, also known as the "Third Saturday In October," has been a little lopsided recently. Alabama has won the last seven contests, so it's understandable why Spurrier said what he did.