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Tennessee Basketball: Tennessee Congratulated Draft Pick Josh Richardson With Bizarre Video Featuring Talking Basketball

Whenever a college basketball program sees one of its players selected in the NBA Draft, it is definitely a moment of pride. Teams often congratulate that player on his selection with a small social media tribute. 

These tributes are often very run-of-the-mill. But then there is the case of Tennessee's message to Vol shooting guard Josh Richardson, a second-round pick of the Miami Heat.

The video lauding Richardson features a talking basketball with an exceptionally odd voice and a weird deployment of the phrase "hashtag." Yea, you need to watch this, though you'll probably be left shaking your head as to what exactly the thought process was behind this clip.


— Tennessee Basketball (@Vol_Hoops)

Somebody has a message for

— Tennessee Basketball (@Vol_Hoops) June 26, 2015

">June 26, 2015