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Look: Tennessee Fans Are Furious With Bowl Game Report

Tennessee fans celebrate at the Outback Bowl.

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 1: Fans of the Tennessee Volunteers celebrate during the second half of the Outback Bowl against the Northwestern Wildcats at Raymond James Stadium on January 1, 2016 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

There's a chance Tennessee could lose out on the Orange Bowl this season because of Ohio State. 

The latest College Football Playoff rankings have Tennessee at No. 7 in the country. Ohio State, meanwhile, is two spots ahead. 

Since Ohio State was in last year's Rose Bowl, there's a scenario in place where Penn State gets invited to the historic game in Pasadena, California. If that happens, Ohio State would most likely get sent to the Orange Bowl.   

Just the thought of this happening has Tennessee fans very upset.

"If OSU can hand pick there bowl game … then by God send Tennessee to the Rose Bowl," one fan said. 

"Screw Penn State and bowl tie-ins, just send Tennessee to the Rose Bowl in that case then," another fan wrote.

"Everything is a conspiracy against Tennessee and you cannot convince me otherwise," a third fan tweeted. 

Of course, this won't happen if Ohio State sneaks into the CFP. In order for that to happen, it'll need either Kansas State or Utah to knock off TCU and USC, respectively. 

With that said, Tennessee fans should probably root for some chaos this weekend too. That's if they want to see the Volunteers compete in the Orange Bowl.