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Tennessee Fans Are Furious With Penalty Call vs. Alabama

Alabama gets a weak penalty in the first half.

Tennessee fans are furious with a horrible penalty called against the Volunteers on Saturday night. The penalty ended up playing a big factor in a pivotal Alabama scoring drive to put the Tide up, 28-13, in the third quarter.

The penalty occurred after a Tennessee defender tackled Alabama QB Mac Jones to the ground. As he proceeds to stand up, the UT defensive player gives Jones a slight shove, aiding the defender as he stands up.

The referees proceeded to call a penalty, citing unnecessary roughness — a 15-yard penalty and automatic first down.

The call is just as bad as it sounds. Take a look at the horrible penalty call in the video below.

Here's another angle of the supposed penalty.

We're not sure what the ref saw here that constitutes a penalty. Even if the defender shoved Jones, it wasn't anything malicious or violent. You can even argue the defender was simply trying to stand up.

But the officials didn't give Tennessee the benefit of the doubt. Instead, Alabama got the ball at their own 39-yard line. Hopefully, the penalty won't end up making a big impact in tonight's game.

The Crimson Tide currently lead the Volunteers, 28-13, with the third quarter winding down. Alabama is likely to come away with a victory, but it may have come at a cost.

QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered an ankle injury in the first half and was ruled unavailable for the rest of the game.

Hopefully both teams can remain injury-free for the rest of Saturday night's game.