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Tennessee Fans Are In Meltdown Mode As Vols Trail Florida 21-3 At Halftime

Tennessee fans are in full-on meltdown mode as the Vols trail Florida 21-3 at halftime.

Tennessee fans have had to deal with over a decade of irrelevance that has included, among other footnotes, an 11-game losing streak to rival Florida. This year, the Vols, in year four of the Butch Jones era, were supposed to turn the corner and return to the national scene. They were supposed to beat Florida, too.

Well, that isn't exactly happening 30 minutes through the game. Florida, which has out-gained the Vols 300-162, leads 21-3 at the break. Josh Dobbs is 7-of-20 for 84 yards with a pick. Star running back Jalen Hurd has 36 yards on 12 carries.

Appropriately, Tennessee fans are freaking out. Many are already calling for Jones' head - per usual. The team was booed off the field at halftime.

Can Tennessee turn it around in the second half? If not, we'll have another year of jokes from the fans down in Gainesville.