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Tennessee Fans Want To #EmptyNeyland To Force Butch Jones Out

Tennessee fans have had enough.

Tennessee, after a tough loss to Kentucky on Saturday, is now 3-5 on the season with an 0-5 mark in the SEC. It's fair to say that most Vols fans have had enough of head coach Butch Jones and are instead focusing on who his replacement will be.

Some fans appear to be trying to make all that happen sooner rather than later. There is now an #EmptyNeyland campaign on Twitter, which suggests that Tennessee fans stop showing up to home games in order to force the school to get rid of Butch Jones.

Tennessee has three home games left this season in case you're wondering - against Southern Miss, LSU and Vanderbilt.

Here's a sampling of what's out there.

Truth be told, while fans have every right to be upset that the team isn't performing under Jones, it's a bit unfair to the players - who only get seven or eight home games a year. Paul Finebaum, for one, isn't a fan of the whole campaign.