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FOX Sports Writer: "Virtually Impossible" For Tennessee To Hit 8 Wins In 2017

Last week, CG Technology released win total over/unders for top college football teams. One FOX Sports writer thinks Tenneessee going under 7.5 wins in the regular season is a stone cold lock.

Aaron Torres wrote his nine favorite bets from the CG Technology release, and he was pretty pointed in saying that there is no way Tennessee hits the over on 7.5 wins in the regular season, calling it "virtually impossible."

The Vols barely eclipsed the eight-win total last regular season, and even then, needed virtually everything to go right to get there. That included an overtime victory over Appalachian State in Week 1, a miracle against Georgia and a favorable schedule that included home games against Alabama and Florida.


It seems virtually impossible that Tennessee will get back to eight wins in the regular season to win this bet.

Let's take a look at what Tennessee is staring down this season.

The non-conference slate: neutral site against Georgia Tech, vs. Indiana State, vs. UMass, and vs. Southern Miss, is extremely manageable. Georgia Tech and its famous spread option system can catch unfamiliar teams off-guard, but the Vols should have a talent advantage. The SEC East, while lacking too many total walk-over teams, doesn't have great top-end competition. Alabama and LSU as crossover games is admittedly brutal.

However, if Tennessee exceeds expectations a bit, a year with wins over Georgia Tech, Indiana State, UMass, South Carolina, Kentucky, Southern Miss, Missouri, and Vanderbilt is not crazy. There's a fair chance that Tennessee will be favored in all of those games, and that doesn't have the Vols stealing one from the four best teams on the schedule.

So, maybe that 7.5 number is a tad too high, but only by a half-game or so. There is definitely a path for the Vols to win eight, however. The more interesting question: if they don't, but happens to Butch Jones?

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