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Tennessee Football's Practices Now Feature Crying Baby Noises And Car Alarms

An interesting method.

If you were on the University of Tennessee's campus on the morning of April 9th, you may have heard sounds including a crying baby, a car alarm, and other loud noises.

Where was it all coming from? The Tennessee football team's practice.

Head coach Butch Jones is purposely playing these sounds to help players maintain their focus during practice. Jones believes hearing these distractions will help players concentrate during the season when they travel to play in notoriously loud stadiums, including Oregon's and Alabama's.

Here's a video of Tennessee's practice from KnoxNews. Loud noises are heard throughout, but at 4:00 the crying baby sounds become dominant.

Reporters spoke with Jones after practice about the distracting noises in which he replied, "I like loud noises. I like something that really focuses you."