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Vols Fan "Profanity Nammy" Has A PG-13 Message For All Georgia Fans

profanity nammy


Diehard Vols fan Profanity Nammy is back, and this time she's coming after Georgia fans.

Look, Profanity Nammy isn't one to mince words. After sending an R-rated message to all Florida fans last week, she's back to disparage another Tennessee opponent, and this week it happens to be Georgia.

See for yourself:

Now, I think the correct response is obviously for an elderly Bulldogs fan to respond.

Listen, the Vols are 1-0 when Profanity Nammy offends the opponent's fan base. That's undefeated, folks. Her messages clearly motivate the Vols to step up their game and they almost certainly intimidate the opponent. Look at how Florida collapsed last week, at least some of that credit should go to Nammy. If you're a Georgia fan, you have to have some pride and fire back.

The Volunteers take on Georgia today at 3:30 p.m. ET and the game is being broadcast on ABC.

You can guarantee Profanity Nammy will be watching and cursing the whole way.