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Tennessee Head Coach Butch Jones Walks An Average Of Four Miles During Football Practice

Is he the most active college football coach?

Most remember legendary head coach Lou Holtz constantly pacing the sidelines during his coaching days. Tennessee head coach Butch Jones is taking that to a new level.

After noticing how much Jones runs around during practice, Tennessee football assistant Chris Spognardi put a pedometer on him to see how many steps he took during one practice.

The result was 8,605 steps, equivalent to about four miles.

"What he expects from his players on the field is one thing he wants to reflect on his coaches. That's why you'll always see him and his coaches all over the place," Spognardi said.

Jones likes to oversee everything going on at football practices and does so by going to each position's individual skills training at practice, which ultimately results in a lot of steps being taken.

Check out this video made by UT Sports TV that shows Jones at practice with his pedometer.