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Tennessee Starts New "Third Down For What" Tradition At Neyland Stadium

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones and his staff are seemingly facing a tall task. They are attempting to turn around a program that has posted four consecutive losing seasons in a row in the best conference in the country. This year, Jones has come up with a way for the Vols to get some assistance from their fans during home games.

Starting tonight, Tennessee will be playing Lil Jon's hit "Turn Down For What" when the opposing team has the ball on third downs. Of course, they've changed the words to "Third Down For What."

Early indications are good - fans are liking it.

">August 31, 2014

">August 31, 2014

Could this be something that sticks as a new tradition? Who knows - that's probably what Jones wants. I'm just surprised that nobody else thought of this until now.