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Tennessee Coach Butch Jones Explains Decision To Kick Extra Point Up 26-14 During Loss To Florida

For the second time this season, the Tennessee Volunteers grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory against a prominent program. In week two, the Vols held a 17-3 lead to begin the fourth quarter, before eventually losing to the Sooners in overtime. On Saturday, Tennessee went up 26-14 against SEC East rival Florida, a team that it hasn't beaten since 2004, but head coach Butch Jones elected to kick an extra point to go up 13 instead of attempting the two point conversion to make it a two touchdown lead. The decision was questionable at the time, and proved to be a huge gaffe, when Florida won the game 28-27.

Jones tried to explain the decision after the game on Saturday. We're not sure this appeased many critical Volunteer fans.

">September 26, 2015

As Lost Lettermen notes, confidence in the defense is a really poor explanation. The difference between a 13 point lead, or the 12 point lead that Tennessee would have had if the two-point conversion attempt failed, is not huge. A 14 point lead would have given Tennessee the chance to win the game in overtime, if the rest of the game had played out the same way.

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