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Tennessee Lineman Mack Crowder Tweets In Support Of Program Amid Butch Jones Rumors

With losses mounting, and now nasty rumors coming to light, there is a ton of pressure on Tennessee head coach Butch Jones. After the team's loss to Arkansas, rumors that Jones hit offensive lineman Mack Crowder during a practice earlier in the year began to spread from Vol message boards. On Wednesday night, former Cincinnati punter John Lloyd tweeted that Jones hit players "multiple times" while at UC. While it is unclear whether or not Crowder is aware of Lloyd's tweets, he posted to Twitter for the first time in 18 days this afternoon. Crowder's messages are vague, but he makes sure to express support for the Tennessee program.

Crowder's support is definitely important, but we doubt this is the last we hear about this story with Jones, especially after Lloyd's rant.