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Tennessee Writer Gives 5 Reasons Why Vols Should Hire Lane Kiffin

At least one Vols fan would like to see Lane Kiffin make a return to Tennessee.

Lane Kiffin to Tennessee? After what happened last time?

You might call it crazy, but at least one sportswriter thinks it's the right move ... I think.

The Tennessean's Dave Ammenheuser laid out five reasons why Tennessee should rehire Lane Kiffin, and while it's hard to tell how serious he's being (he seems pretty serious!) it comes across as a little satirical. We'll let you be the judge, but here are Ammenhesuer's five main points in regards to hiring Kiffin:

  1. Offensive Genius
  2. Second chances
  3. Hire him before Florida does
  4. He wins no matter wherever he goes
  5. Lane Kiffin > Butch Jones

At minimum, I think the point is clear: Ammenheuser wants a new coach—one with a knack for offense, a winning pedigree and maybe some style. According to him, Kiffin offers that, and the FAU head coach would probably leap at the chance to coach a big-time school again, especially one that is in desperate need of a spark.

Eh, you know what? I'm on board. Tennessee should hire Lane Kiffin.

You can read the entire piece here.