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Terry Bradshaw: Tennessee Will 'Walk All Over Alabama'

Terry Bradshaw didn't hold back when talking about how his Vols would fare against the Crimson Tide.

FOX Sports broadcaster and former Steelers and Louisiana Tech quarterback Terry Bradshaw was on The Paul Finebaum Show on Monday, and he spent the better part of his appearance riling up Alabama fans, especially the fan-favorite caller Phyllis from Mulga, Alabama. He suggested that the Tennessee Volunteers would take down the Alabama Crimson Tide this season, much to Phyllis' dismay.

“I’m a Volunteer fan,” Bradshaw said in response to Phyllis talking up the Crimson Tide, per 247 Sports. “And they’ll probably walk all over Alabama. Tennessee is back.”

Then Bradshaw spent some time ragging on Nick Saban and his enormous contract:

“I understand Saban, that’s your coach,” Bradshaw said. “What’s he making, $12 million now? That is the entire athletic budget at Louisiana Tech. The entire budget. That’s shameful. Shameful.”

The Volunteers haven't beaten Alabama since 2006, and since then the Crimson Tide have rattled off 10 straight wins, by an average margin of 23 points.

According to ESPN's FPI rating, Tennessee has just a 13.5 percent chance of beating Alabama this year when they face off on Saturday, October 21.