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Video: Ole Miss Fan Sneaks Into Tennessee Press Conference, Asks Justin Worley A Question

Ole Miss fans take pride in never "losing a party." This season, the Rebels are winning plenty of football games too, and now, Ole Miss fans are looking to win the press conference as well. After a comfortable 34-3 win over Tennessee, a (possibly inebriated) Rebels fan made his way into the post-game press conference, and even got to ask Vols quarterback Justin Worley a mostly-incoherent question.

">October 19, 2014

">October 19, 2014

Give the fan some credit...he did appear to have a legitimate question for Worley, even if the delivery was a bit jumbled. Ole Miss travels to LSU next weekend. We really hope that this fan makes it to Baton Rouge and has the opportunity to ask Les Miles about the game.

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