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Video: Peyton Manning Dancing To "Rocky Top" At Broncos Camp Is One Of The Funniest Things You'll See Today

When you think of the catchiest songs in college football, "Rocky Top" will sometimes come to mind. The song, which has been played at Volunteers sporting events since the 1970s, is perfect for dancing: it's lively, upbeat, and if you're a Tennessee fan, it always puts you in a good mood. That explains why Denver Broncos quarterback and former UT star Peyton Manning was spotted dancing to the song at Broncos training camp. It's one of the funniest things you'll see today.

We have no idea what dance Manning was doing, and some of his teammates -- namely wide receiver Wes Welker -- danced along and poked fun at the reigning NFL MVP. Still, Manning looks like he was having a great time, and you can't knock the guy for supporting his alma mater through dance.