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Video: Tennessee's "Circle Of Life" Drill Got Pretty Intense Today

two lineman make contact in Tennessee circle drill.

tennessee circle of life football drill

Today was Student Appreciation Day in Knoxville, and any students in attendance were treated to an intense display when the Volunteers gathered for their "Circle of Life" drill. The drill involves players forming a circle, which two players line up inside of in three-point stances. When the whistle blows, the two players go head-to-head until one wins or a stalemate is declared. 

As you can imagine, this drill gets pretty live. You have your teammates cheering you on and it's the ultimate 1-on-1 test. Adrenaline runs high. 

Tennessee posted a series of videos of the "Circle of Life" drill from today's practice. It's not just linemen going at it here either. There's defensive backs, tight ends, linebackers and more.