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Watch: College Umpire Takes 102 MPH Fastball To Face

Umpire takes fastball.

Stepping into the batter's box to face Ben Joyce is a scary proposition for any college baseball hitter. The Tennessee fireballer is quickly becoming an NCAA sensation with his ability to regularly record triple-digit velocities on the radar gun.

Unfortunately, it's not only hitters who have reason to fear the 21-year-old.

During Tuesday's brief outing against Butler, the redshirt junior tossed a 102-mph heater that hit and knocked off umpire Charlie Taylor's face mask.

Luckily the umpire had the facial protection. Otherwise the fastball could have done far more damage than it appeared to. Although Joyce missed his mark on that pitch, the 6'5", 225-pound righty generally has impressive command (and offspeed pitches) for a college kid who can throw 104.

Joyce has yet to allow a run this season, registering 10 strikeouts to three walks across seven innings. The "Volunteer Fireman," as dubbed by Rob Friedman, is emerging as one of this year's most intriguing draft prospects.

College relief pitchers typically aren't highly appraised, but none of them have routinely thrown 100-104 mph with ease.