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Down 24-0 To Georgia, Vols Fans Have Begun Fighting Each Other In The Stands

Tennessee and Georgia fans get into fight in the stands.

Down 24 to Georgia, tempers are flaring among Tennessee fans.

Tennessee is down 24 at the half to Georgia at home, and the Vols don't look great. In fact, they look downright awful, as they've turned the ball over three times on offense and have served as nothing more than a doormat on defense. The offense has generated just 64 yards, with RB John Kelly accounting for 40 of them. That's not going to win against any team.

So naturally, on this hot Knoxville day, fans are getting a little testy!

At least two fans decided to scrap it up amongst themselves, for whatever reason, which come to think of it is a pretty great metaphor for this game and for Tennessee's season as a whole.

Check it out:

Things can only get better for the Vols and their fans from here on out, right?