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Terrence Jones Buys Kentucky Fan New Teeth

Even after “Teach Me ‘Bout Kentucky” failed.

Hidden behind that menacing scowl Terrence Jones displays at game time lies a pretty nice guy.

Jones, who was recently drafted 18th overall by the Houston Rockets, recently paid for extensive dental work for a Kentucky die-hard nicknamed “Stone Cold Willow”. is reporting that Jones paid for William Bolden to have three front teeth implanted, 12 cavities filled and two teeth pulled. Bolden, who claims to have lost his front teeth in a fight at the age of 13, was obviously very appreciative of the gesture.

“It’s been a long time coming since I had a smile like this,” Bolden stated.

Even more interesting, Jones' first plan to raise money for Bolden was by recording “Teach Me ‘Bout Kentucky” and selling the track on ITunes. But when the song didn’t raise enough money, Jones stepped up and paid for all eight procedures out of pocket.

Yet another lesson to never judge a book by its cover.