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ESPN's Mark May Blasts Johnny Manziel On Twitter

Not much room to talk.

Update: May seems to have responded to the blogging world with this jumbled tweet.

Ignoring his obvious grammar issues, May's tweet still doesn't make him any less hypocritical. If he's harping on his "experience", perhaps he could reach out to Manziel and offer advice instead of just putting him on blast on Twitter.

Earlier: By now, you've probably heard about the latest Johnny Manziel drama -- he reportedly got kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy and has been advised to "come clean" on why he had to leave. As of now, the only person who seems to know the entire story is Johnny Football himself, but that's not stopping people like Mark May from passing judgement. We've seen May hurl some pretty hypocritical words at Manziel before but this time, he went a little overboard.

May appears to be even more hypocritical than we originally thought, however. The guys over at Good Bull Hunting did the world a favor a little research and discovered that May has had a few of his own issues with the law.

According to the January 29, 1979 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, at the age of 20, (same age as Manziel) Mark May was arrested and charged with five offenses. Yes, I said five. Here's a clip from the paper: 

Yes, you are reading that correctly. May was arrested and charged with inciting a riot and terroristic threats. Oh, and don't forget resisting arrest and criminal mischief. Talk about bringing "shame to the game". 

Even though we don't know exactly what happened with Manziel -- whatever it was can't touch May's track record. Maybe he should take his own advice he's previously given Johnny and "do a 3 count before hitting send" on Twitter.