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Former Texas A&M Quarterback Kyle Allen Criticizes Manziel-Influenced "Culture" Of Aggies Program

The story of Johnny Manziel's football career has turned quite tragic in recent months, but going back just a few years, the brash young quarterback appeared to be leading a renaissance at Texas A&M. In two year with Manziel under center, A&M went 20-6 with Cotton and Chick-fil-A Bowl wins, and he took home a Heisman Trophy. Donations to the program spiked, recruiting took off, and it looked like A&M would become THE program in the state of Texas. Since Manziel's departure, Texas A&M is just 16-10, and former quarterback Kyle Allen attributes some of the team's issues to the culture that developed during Manziel's time on campus.

From ESPN:

"I think the culture was a big part of it, and I think that stems from Johnny [Manziel's] era there -- the way that they let Johnny and [others] act there," Allen said in an interview with CBS Sports. "They [could] do that and still win games because they had Johnny ... and five offensive linemen playing in the NFL right now.

"A lot of people were riding off that, 'I can do whatever the hell I want and win on Saturday.'"

Allen transferred to Houston from A&M after falling into a quarterback battle with highly-touted freshman Kyler Murray, who also wound up transferring out of the program to Oklahoma. It is easy to call Allen bitter or biased here, but it does seem like Texas A&M's program has been in a state of tumult in recent years. Whether that was left in the wake of Manziel's career, or was just natural regression to the mean after the team lost a ton of NFL talent, is up for debate.